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What do we do?

we are renegade

and we shove mountains of nerdy code into cutting-edge design - to achieve highly functional and complex business systems that even your dog could use.


Time to scrap the filing cabinet. From simple data capture forms - to fully-custom, multi-level, cross-platform reporting forms - We reckon any paper or physical process can be made more efficient online.


Looking at spreadsheet after spreadsheet can be seriously dull. We like to shake things up with our custom reporting by offering it in a variety of ways; Beautiful table layouts, printed and online versions with interactive popups, colourful graphs and eye-popping charts; combined with our easy-to-use filters and sorting tools. Let us lasso your data and sexy-up that report.


Be it an Online Booking system, Web Portal, Data Tracking System, or even Assessment-Based Learning systems; our team has made them all. We handle all aspects from start to finish, and working to real deadlines (Not those pretend ones that sneak away). If you need a full solution, we've got your back.


When was the last time a waiter took your order on a laptop? It's the future and it should damn well feel like it! ..So sometimes your system needs to go mobile. There are various ways to this; from dedicated OS based apps, to mobile-friendly web portals, we want to help you take the plunge into the world of wireless.


You don't have a digital strategy?


Well we can help you out there! Don't know your Twitter from your WhatsApp? In an ever-growing world of digital natives, fast-paced mobile-data consumers and customers who can change your reputation with a single message to a million followers, you need a digital strategy; trust us on this.

And we take all the #hassle out of it for you. We'll work with you to create a kick-ass strategy that grows with you, and let us worry about what's 'trending'; we can help make sure it's you and for all the RIGHT reasons!

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Simple, Beautiful and Functional design.

Student Data Dashboard

A fully loaded Student Data Dashboard. A portal developed for parents to allow them to track their child's Attendance, Grades, Targets, and Progress. As well as show Timetable and important messages. The system extracts and displays data from many different databases, it has a robust and secure authentication entry system, and looks darn good to boot!

Incident Tracking & Data Dashboard Management System

A fully integrated incident tracking system with Management Information Data Dashboard; this portal was developed for Cornwall Care. The system extracts and displays data from many different databases, it has a robust and secure authentication entry system, and, frankly, it's awesome!

Events Management

A complete Event signup/registration system. We developed this system to handle all aspects of event management. The main website allows users to search, browse and sign up to various events. An administration system gives the managers complete control. A Dashbord allows Facilitators to log in and see their registers and daily schedule. And a report system allows partners to view signup figures and other reports in a detailed graphical view.

eILP for staff and students

Quite simply the best eILP we've had the pleasure of building. We offer this as a hosted service too! Completely integrated into learning environments by our team of professional tech integration honey badgers... you'll have to see it to believe it! Optimized for mobile devices and with the potential for a mobile app if it takes your fancy.

the process

Our workflow

curious about process? here's how we get stuff done

The Brief

Lets get talking. Every client is different and has different individual needs and ideas. As we get to know you, we will figure out what approach is going to help you get where you need to be. We will meet with you and discuss what you need, whether its a simple data form, or a complex reporting suite.

Planning, Planning, Planning

The second part is where we come back to you with our design idea, a demonstration, and discuss where we think it will be in terms of time-frame and cost. You will tell us if there are things that need adding, changing, or removing until you are happy with the plan.

Cogs and wrenches

We aren't about to just waltz back to the studio and vanish for 3-4 weeks. There will be a constant open line of communication as much for our benefit as yours. We will keep you posted on our progress, and more often then not, we will have queries along the road (design, data, process). Once its ready we will give you a drive through and a final play around, before the final signing off, at which point we will publish it and have a celebratory beer (or three).


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